Giants, a Second Atlantis, and spiritual well-being. What do these things have in common? Well, it turns out a lot. A site recently discovered in Sardinia (The second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea) contains Three hundred and twenty-one of these massive monuments built by an ancient civilization called the Nuragic. This civilization was estimated to have been inhabiting Sardinia from roughly the 18th century BC (The bronze age) to the 2nd century AD. They get their name from the massive structures that they have built which are scattered throughout Sardinia. READ MORE:

MYSTERIOUS TOMBSTONES THOUGHT TO BE REMNANTS OF ATLANTIS Were these Tombs truly built by Giants? Or were they built as mass graves? Or perhaps like the Pyramids of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt to help guide one to the afterlife? While it is certain that they were used for funerals we do not know what specific beliefs or rituals were preformed by the Nuragic all we can do is speculate since archeologists do not have an answer at this time. Locals tell a legend of the tombs being built by powerful giants and merely being in the presence of these monuments brings a state of spiritual well-being. What could have happened to these giants and the ancient civilization of the Nuragic? Sergio Frau Author of “the pillars of Hercules” speculates that like Atlantis a massive tsunami swept the land causing such devastation as to cause the entire society to collapse much like Atlantis. Could a Tsunami cause this much devastation? We need only look at our recent history with the Boxing day Tsunami claiming between 230,000 and 280,000 lives and devastating Thailand. Unfortunately will never know for certain because stones cannot tell tales but if they could the truth would surely be told as there seems to be a coloration with islands and Giants the local legends of Easter Island and the Moai heads, The Solomon islands giants, a plethora of Micronesian Legends and of course even Ireland has legends of giants. All legend has grains of truth across the world on these isolated islands are different tales of giants which leave more questions that it answers. READ MORE:

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