So when you’re taking a gander at the 10,000 foot view of spirituality, how do ideas like sense of self, conscience responses, souls, karma, twin blazes, detachment and unification all tie up?

Your passionate reaction in any circumstance is your self image.

A sense of self REACTION is one of the accompanying group of feelings: blame, outrage, question, fear, disgrace, defenselessness, possessiveness, mortification, humiliation, resistance, begrudge, rivalry, stunningness, reverence, and so forth, and so forth.

An inner self response is any EMOTION that makes you feel second rate or better than the individual before you.

Self image is the system of creation: it permits us to take soul vitality and break it into littler, yet total, pieces, known as souls.

Conscience is the possibility that your little holographic piece of soul is an entire character.

The trap of sense of self is karma – the possibility that another character owes your personality or you owe that personality by one means or another and this can be adjusted crosswise over lifetimes.

The discharge from karma is absolution to start with, sympathy later.

Twin flares bring the system of unification through unconstrained tantric union. Unification is the fixing of inner self.

Sense of self is detachment of vitality, while unification blends already isolated vitality.

Time is a space that permits us to encounter every part of vitality isolated and individuated in space. Else we would think and experience everything on the double.

Time is the space that permits physical creation to happen one involvement with a period.

Creation is ALL ABOUT SEPARATION on each level. Self image is the instrument of detachment.

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